What we do
Oddslife helps sportsbook operators, sports rights owners, media companies, broadcasters and sponsors to acquire, retain, reactivate and monetise customers.
We create free-to-play prediction games and content platforms that are designed to reach and engage with sports fans, building loyalty for your brand, collecting actionable customer data and creating new revenue streams. All our games are customisable to match your goals and the requirements of your local market.
Use free-to-play prediction games to acquire new customers in a cost-effective manner that generates buzz and amplifies your brand message.
Provide an entertaining experience for your audience, bringing them back to site more often and keeping them there for longer to help increase each customer’s lifetime value.
Use the larger, more loyal audience enjoying free-to-play games on your website to drive new revenue streams via sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
Our solutions
Oddslife platform
A comprehensive platform with a suite of prediction games and related content designed specifically to engage sports fans. Features include multiple game formats, a virtual sportsbook, its own virtual currency and shop, stats and blogs.
The platform offers fully customisable styling and localisation, along with comprehensive admin and reporting tools, advanced onboarding options, bookmaker odds integration, match stats panels, integrated ad placements, and sportsbook review and promo pages.
Oddslife games
A suite of prediction games developed to acquire sports fans and build brand loyalty, which can be used as a standalone portal or integrated into your website. An ideal tool for both season-long engagement and promotions related to major sports tournaments.
The games feature responsive design for great UX on all devices, and customisable styling to fit with your existing site. They also offer easy-to-use back office tools for managing games and users, match stats, odds feed integration, and a referral system for viral acquisition.
oddslife views
Game formats
Simple prediction games that keep your players returning to site daily
Give your players the thrill of the sportsbook experience, using a virtual currency
The excitement of fan-to-fan competition, complete with user-generated content
Test your players’ tipping abilities across multiple matches
Can your players predict multiple details of a match to win the jackpot?
Points and
Multi-round games that bring players back to site again and again
Elimination contests perfect for generating buzz and driving loyalty
Challenge your players to hit targets with correct match predictions
Who we are
Headquartered in London, Oddslife is a leading developer of free-to-play games for the sports and betting industries.
The management team have more than 40 years’ experience in the sports betting sector and in creating gaming experiences that drive player acquisition and engagement.
The team is headed by CEO and Founder Rasmus Sojmark, who among other companies also founded the leading betting and gaming industry events and media business SBC (Sports Betting Community).
Contact us
For more information about Oddslife, our media partner platforms or event-specific microsites,
please contact sales at [email protected].
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