What we do
Oddslife specialises in crafting entertaining experiences for sports fans. We build free to play games and content platforms to support the various business goals of sportsbook operators, media companies, right holders and sports-affiliated companies.
Acquisition / Brand Awareness
Gain access to new markets and advertising channels to drive in new customers. Generate buzz that gets your brand voice heard and talked about.
Player Engagement
Entertain your audience so they'll stick around for longer. Decrease churn rates and increase your cutomers' LTV.
Audience Monetisation
Leverage your valuable audience through sponsorship and advertising from bookmakers and consumer brands.
Our solutions
Oddslife platform
Comprehensive stand-alone platform focusing on sports prediction games and sports-related content. Comes with its own virtual currency and shop system and multiple game formats, including a virtual sportsbook, and many other features
Oddslife games
Suite of prediction games in a variety of formats that can be intergrated into your website or be presented as stand-alone portals. Create buzz around major events or use them as on-going, season-long engagement tools.
oddslife views
Game formats
Simple prediction game challenging users to return daily to the website
Get the real sportsbook experience while betting with virtual currency
Uncover and reward the most skilled tipsters, while enhancing your site with user-generated content
Make predictions across several matches, all in one go
Predict several details of a match to win the jackpot
Points and
Multi-round game with players getting points based on their prediction accuracy
Make correct predictions to avoid being eliminated; the winner is the last man standing
Pick the matches whose scores will add up to a given target
Who we are
Oddslife is led by an experienced team, including CEO / Founder Rasmus Sojmark (also Founder of SBCnews.co.uk and Founding Team of EveryMatrix.com)
Between us we have more than 40 years of experience with sports betting, creating engaging gaming experiences and context based marketing and sales.
Contact us
For more information about Oddslife Ltd., our media partner platforms,
event specific micro-sites and investment opportunities, contact CEO
Rasmus Sojmark via [email protected]
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